With an investment of more than 300 billion Man Sugar Factory is equipped with a production line Malt uniform, modern and fully automated its Lausmann - Germany (one of the leading companies in supplymalt production-level devices), capacity 40,000 tons per year by the leading German expert in the field of production of beer Malt responsible for operations, training and technology transfer. The production process of the plant is applied quality management programs have been organized ISO 9001-2000 Global - UK certification.
          According to the Association of Wine - Beer - Beverages Vietnam up to date Vietnam has nearly 500 factories, large production base of beer and small. To meet production needs to enter the factory on hundreds of thousands of tons of raw materials from abroad. Looking at millions of tons of fuel Malt omen omen to Vietnam and then of course entail the precious foreign currency from flowing out from years of making the company's shareholders Man Road, which were once "living dead" long years with the beer, not from the torment and concern. Realizing that some evasion g as well as the great potential of the beer and wants to reduce, gradually eliminating the passive voice when Vietnam's beer industry is always dependent on the supply of foreign raw materials, the members of the Board sat together and the idea of ​​a malt factory in Vietnam's first and Southeast Asia have been born since then.
            Sugar Plant Man is the manufacturing plant in Vietnam's first malt as well as Southeast Asia production line automation and all the latest technology currently in production in Germany Malt - a there were hundreds of years of experience in the field of manufacturing malt beer.
           With the help and supervision of German experts along with the dynamic creativity of the technical staff of the factory, only after 18 months of construction, assembly, and additional editing, production lines have gradually improved and put into operation with a design capacity reaching 40.000tan/nam.
          Earlier this month 5 / 2004 the first production Malt tons shipped, are experts at home and abroad appreciate. The strengths of this line can simultaneously produce many kinds of malt, ng meet different needs. The experts, Australia, Czech ... when visiting the plant have said that this system of modern machines than the malt production plant is in their country. These shareholders are the owners of the plant of many production facilities Bia they should understand better than anyone using more specific rice in beer production in Vietnam. So from the beginning DuongMan has launched a product line with the requirements of the home made beer in Vietnam, which is capable of converting malt rice better and higher yield. This is an external hard Malt advantages that avoid the key Lose edge.
           Besides, the production line with modern Malt our great attention to the issue of raw materials.These are types of barley malt used to produce at the Sugar Man are carefully selected from the largest barley exporter of the world such as Australia, Canada, Europe ... Criteria for selecting our raw materials are meet all the technical indicators such as moisture, protein, color ... and other criteria to match production conditions and requirements of Vietnam's beer industry.
           This is why right from the launch, the product of Sugar Man was quickly breweries in the country to receive and appreciate quality. Many customers which are considered "hard", such as beer, Vietnamese French, Vietnamese Ha, Thai Binh, Nghe An, Nam Dinh Nada, Beer ... Asia, and hundreds of other manufacturing facilities across the country and Bia have received and use of products DuongMan Malt.
            One of the biggest success of the Company Man Road until this point it's become one of the official supplier for Malt Liquor Beer and Beverage Co., Saigon - the biggest company in Vietnam aboutfields Beer and soft drinks. After much sampling and analysis of product quality Man Street, Sai Gon Beer has been recognized by Malt Products DuongMan meets the rigorous technical standards applicable to Malt raw materials, and the first contract was The signing marked the great success of the initial DuongMan. This suggests that the quality of DuongMan Malt equal and somewhat superior to other types of malt is imported into Vietnam.
           Malt production plant is the first in Vietnam and Southeast Asia - a tropical, tropical drinks, the demand is always high in the world. Meanwhile by the time this whole area is a factory which Malt.With the advantage that, immediately after DuongMan plant went into operation, the members of the Board of the Company has determined Sugar Man: The objective of the company not only provides raw materials for beer production and marketing Vietnam but also the steps to explore and conquer the wealthy Southeast Asian market potential.
  In preparation for the strategy to conquer the Asean market, the company has set up projects DuongMan build factories Malt Monday at the Phu My Industrial Zone, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province with a capacity of twice the estimated DuongMan capacity of the plant today. Until now the preparation work has been completed and work is expected to start in 2006.
            With the advantage of understanding the market, understand the enjoyment of the taste of Vietnam, along with the help of the State and the sector as well as their best effort of all officers and employees of the company, they I believe will quickly gain market share and gradually mastering nangnay promising market.
           After more than a year in operation, the batch is in turn Malt factory and the brewery went from small to large in the whole country. Until now, we have established a solid network of customers and have plans to put Malt products beyond borders to achieve the goal: Not only is the domestic market but also to conquer Southeast Asian market.


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